Hi from PGTips91

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Hi from PGTips91

Мнениеот PGTips91 » 27 Юни 2014, 04:52

Hello everyone, I am from New Zealand and have been using Linux for the last fifteen years or so. I have made a hobby of trying out new distros and was attracted to your distro because of its focus on education, amongst other things.

I am getting older and forgetful and so struggle a little more than I used to with my computing, but still enjoy the challenge.

Over the years I have built up my own Wiki to help me organise my thoughts and prod my memory. You may find some of this of interest or maybe it is just for me still. http://pgtips91.pbworks.com/w/page/10961864/FrontPage

Another hobby I have had is digital photography and some of my photos have been uploaded to my Picasa account at https://picasaweb.google.com/paulgtaylor91. A sub-hobby has been the creation of panoramas from multiple photographs using Hugin, for which there are a number of tutorials on their web site, http://hugin.sourceforge.net/, and I have an album of some of my efforts at Panoramas Collection.

My current main OS is Linux Mint 13 Xfce which is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS which I have chosen because it suits my older PC with only 2 GB RAM and being based on the LTS release is good until 2017 I believe.

These days when I test a new release I usually just run it from the ISO file in a virtual machine under KVM [QEMU] which is what I am doing now with USU Linux.

So far it has been the language that has been my greatest difficulty with this distro. Even in the section of the forum for English speaking members much of the text was in Bulgarian until I finally was able to register and log in to the forum - which I was able to by making use of Google Translate add-on in Firefox. Without that help I would not have made it thus far. Needless to say, for an English-only speaker the Bulgarian is impossible to guess but sometimes the pop-up message when hovering the cursor over an icon was in English, which helped too. I guess that you have very few members in my category and this is low priority for the project but I would encourage an improvement in this area to attract more English speakers here.

Going by my first impressions this looks like a well-developed distro with a lot of potential. I will probably take it to the next step of installing it directly to a spare partition.

Thanks to the developers for their good work and their assistance in getting me thus far.

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Re: Hi from PGTips91

Мнениеот mrdubanddnb » 03 Юли 2014, 20:40

Hi Paul! And welcome to this forum.
I have just one thing to say to you and other " english " members: YES USU is distro, made from two bulgarian fellows and the base language of the system is Bulgarian.
BUT there is an option to install entire USU on ENGLISH. Which helps a lot to people like you.

If you have something that not understand, just try to install USU with english or type your problems in this forum section. :)
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